Antea Group works on feasibility study Beira port access road in Mozambique

Antea Group works on feasibility study Beira port access road in Mozambique

13 April 2017

Antea Group is working on a feasibility study for the Beira Port Access Road in Mozambique, funded by the Dutch government through its Develop2Build (D2B) Programme. This study assesses the current traffic situation in the area between the city and the port of Beira and assesses the feasibility of various options for an access road.

Beira is an important port town for Mozambique serving a wider region, including Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia. The port of Beira is the second largest port in Mozambique and is located about 1,200 km north of Maputo. The objectives of the port access road are to improve port access, to improve road safety and living conditions in Beira, to attract investors and stimulate industrial and economic development, and to improve cooperation between the port authority and Municipality of Beira.

Antea Group, in consortium with Consultec, MOVE Mobility and IP3 Europe will conduct a feasibility study that includes, amongst others, the  identification of various road alternatives, stakeholders involvement, the identification of PPP financing models,  traffic studies, geotechnical and hydrological surveys, preliminary designs and cost assessment, a preliminary Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), a Cost Benefit analysis as well as institutional analysis. 

Development of Beira

For the development of the Beira Port Access Road, the Municipality of Beira (CMB) and the Dutch government signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU). This MOU is based on the Master plan Beira 2035, that envisions to encourage sustainable development in Beira. The construction of the access road is one of the priorities in the Master plan and is considered as a 'no regret project', implying that the project will make a contribution to the sustainable development of the city and does not run counter to Beira's long-term vision. Through a Develop2Build (D2B) programme the Netherlands assists CMB with the development of the project and preparation of tender documents for the implementation of the project. Within this framework, Antea Group is assigned by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), to conduct this feasibility study. 

Our consortium recognizes this project as a crucial step in the socio-economic development of the urban region of Beira, Mozambique and southern Africa. Transforming the port of Beira into a logistic hub whereby infrastructure overall and specific the road, is an essential part with other assets for determinate success. The road not only connects the port with the city of Beira and its wider surroundings, its location will also support local entrepreneurship, stimulate the building of local economic zones benefitting many stakeholders. By deflecting heavy traffic from traversing the densely populated urban area of Beira, the road will substantially improve living conditions and safety to the citizens.