Water availability and allocation strategies


As part of a technical-scientific support project, the experts of Antea Group developed a water allocation model for the entire Scheldt river basin. This model can provide decision support for selecting measures and setting policies with respect to water availability. The model was used to quantify the impact of water management measures during droughts.

The project was carried out in several phases starting with the collection of relevant information and data, followed by a thorough analysis of the water availability and water demand under current conditions. The physical data on rivers and canals and the analyses of water requirements and water availability were incorporated into a water allocation model (Mike basin).

In the process of using this model, actual bottlenecks in the current water management were studied on a detailed scale. Finally some practical and hypothetical scenarios as suggested by both public stakeholders and water managers were analysed to assess their effect on the water distribution in the Scheldt river basin (regional scale).

Antea Group has successfully  provided the following services:

  • Data collection: water system – water distribution - water demands - water supply;
  • Numerical modelling: water distribution - water allocation – hydrodynamical – advection-dispersion;
  • Analysis of the uncertainty of climate scenario’s and hydrological modelling on the results of the allocation model;
  • Scenario analysis of water availability – impact climate change;
  • Development of a methodology to actualise the water demands in the Scheldt river basin