Restoration of the maritime character of the Mont-Saint-Michel

Restoration of the maritime character of the Mont-Saint-Michel

Normandy region, France

The purpose of the studies and works was to upgrade the reception area and the access path for site visitors, separate the Couesnon waterway downstream from the future dam into two channels and encourage their meanderings and construct water storage necessary for flushing upstream from the dam.

Tasks performed:

  • Complete draft design, preparation of bidding documents and works supervision for acceptance operations assistance, 
  • Additional missions including scheduling, oversight and coordination.
  • Multidisciplinary and global approach: hydraulic, geotechnical, environmental and landscape integration,
  • Experimentations linked to the prototype aspect of the project (trial area for agricultural recycling of excavations according to various hypotheses; experimentation on the morphological evolution of the channels according to various hydraulic constraints...) in collaboration with the International Scientific Committee.

Works and treatments carried out:

  • Earthworks and hydraulic cleaning (2 million m³),
  • Environmental development to protect natural heritage,
  • Construction of channels and banks and rockfill structures,
  • Recycling operations for excavated materials,
  • Rehabilitation of road networks and upgrading of outlets to the Couesnon waterway,
  • Deconstruction of the current dike road and parking lots.

Project owner
Joint association of local authorities for the Mont-Saint-Michel Bay (Syndicat Mixte Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel).